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Wednesday 29th June 2005
Born in St. Michaels Hospital, Bristol on
29th June 2005 at 7:42pm,
To proud parents Casey Coombe and
Nicholas Hubber.

Wednesday 29th June 2005
Fell Asleep on 29th June 2005
 at 9:22pm in Daddys arms
in the neonatal intensive care unit in
St Michaels Hospital, Bristol.

Friday 5th August 2005
Kori's funeral 5th August 2005 at 10:30am
In Weston Mill Cemetary, Plymouth.
Sleep peacefully on your fluffy clouds with the other angels.
Love You Always & Forever.


25th December 2005
Kori's 1st Christmas!

Happy 1st Christmas Kori!
Love you always and forever
Mummy & Daddy
xxx xxx xxx


29th June 2006
Kori's 1st Birthday.
Happy 1st Birthday Kori.
Have a fun day with all your angel friends.
We miss and love you so very much.
In our hearts and thoughts always and forever.
Love Mummy, Daddy & Baby Bump Kenzi.
xxxx xxxx xxxx

12th September 2006
Kori's little brother Kenzi is born at 11:59am weighing 8lb 6ozs.

Congratulations Kori on becoming a

Love u always and forever
Mummy, Daddy & Your New Little Brother
Kenzi Kori Coombe Hubber


25th December 2006
Kori's 2nd Christmas.

Merry Christmas to our angel in the clouds!
wishing u were here with us!
Love u always and forever
Mummy, Daddy and Kenzi
xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx

29th June 2007
Kori's 2nd Birthday!

Happy birthday little man, watch over Mummy & Daddy as we get married today!
Have a brilliant party with your angel friends,
Love u always and forever
Love Mummy, Daddy and Kenzi
xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx


29th June 2007
My Mummy & Daddys wedding day!

We thought getting married on your 2nd birthday would be a lovely thing to do - even though it was very very hard!
Hope you enjoyed our extra special day!
Love u as always.


25th December 2007
Kori's 3rd Christmas

Missing u as always Kori,
Hope u liked ur resting place decorated all Christmassy!
Love u forever
Mummy, Daddy & Kenzi
xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx
29th June 2008
Kori's 3rd Birthday.
Happy 3rd Birthday Kori
We hope your party in the clouds
was extra special,
wish you could of been celebrating it with
us though as its Mummy & Daddys 1st wedding
anniversary today too!
Love you always and forever
Missing you lots and lots
Mummy, Daddy and Kenzi
xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx
25th December 2008
Kori's 4th Christmas.
We hope Christmas in Heaven is fun,
we had a nice day but would of been so much better if you were celebrating with us!
We hope you like your resting place decorated all christmassy, last year you had a Christmas Tree and this year Grandad Steve made you a wonderful Snowman..
We Love you so much
Miss you so much too!
Always in our hearts & thoughts.
Mummy, Daddy
Little Brother
xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx
14th February 2009
Happy Valentines Day Kori!!
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I wish i could have
one more day with you.
29th June 2009
Happy 4th Birthday Kori!
We hope you had a lovely party with the angels.
We Love & Miss you so much.
Hope you liked your resting place, you had lots of presents, flowers, cards and balloons,
we hope you caught the 4 blue balloons that Kenzi sent to heaven for you.
Love you always & forever.
Mummy, Daddy, Kenzi and Baby Bump
xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx
24th November 2009
Congratulations Kori on becoming a
Big Brother again!
You now have a lovely little Sister called
Maicee Leigh Hubber
She was born Tuesday 24th November 2009 at 9:15am weighing 7lb 8ozs!
25th December 2009
Kori's 5th Christmas.
We hope you have had a lovely day opening your presents with the angels.
Kenzi & Maicee had a brill day & loved their presents from you.
Hope you liked your decorations on your christmas tree at your resting place.
Love & miss you so much
Mummy Daddy Kenzi & Maicee
xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx
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